Home sweet home

It was with a mixed bag of emotions that today I hit the two week mark.  Fourteen days and I will be setting out on what I am certain will be an adventure of a lifetime.  It’s thrilling, exciting, nerve wracking and both sad and happy all rolled into one.  But that’s what makes it all the more rewarding, right?

With a mere three days left to go of work, I find myself running through a mental checklist of a million and one things I must think about before I leave… purchase travel insurance, sell car, see friends, pay off bills, revise Spanish, pack bags… to name just a few.  The boring practicalities of realising a dream.  However, I am quietly confident I will come out the other side as ready as ever.

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly here.  It’s been a very long time coming.  I spent years aspiring to live abroad during high school and unfortunately, seven months living (and loving every minute) in France as a university student did nothing to quell my insatiable desire to see and experience the world.  It only fueled it. That was six years ago.  I’ve been meaning to return to Europe ever since.

To me, travel is not about seeing the sights and checking them off a list.  It’s so much more. It’s discovering a new culture, understanding its people, its passions, its cuisine.  It’s living and breathing a different way of life in a different place and the joy of uncovering those hidden gems that are only usually shared amongst the locals.

I feel strongly that travel offers the opportunity for personal growth for anyone who should embrace it, no matter what age.  I believe that travel can change your life.  It is not only fun but it inspires and it teaches us.

Growing up in a country that is so isolated from the rest of the world, we weren’t taught the importance of learning another language.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an unusual fascination with such a concept.  I can recall being about eight or nine and trying to teach myself languages from the back of a “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” booklet!  Language is a window into another world.  And I can’t wait to soon be looking right through.

I am excited about where this journey will take me.  But this time, I won’t return until I am ready.

My name is Carly Morris. I was blessed to have been born in one of the most beautiful places on earth, New Zealand. Hailing from Auckland, the City of Sails, I am a writer, listener, language lover (verging on the obsessed!), teacher, baker, big sister, mad foodie and absolute travel bug. I am off on my biggest adventure yet... to live in Spain.

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