My name is Carly.  I was blessed to have been born in the oasis at the bottom (or top, depending on how you view it) of the big, round earth Earth that is New Zealand.

Because I am curious, I moved to shores afar and lived for two years in Spain, two in England and now I find myself bordering France, in the lake city of Geneva, Switzerland.

I love many things but I love two things a lot. Food and travel. Without those two things, life would be devoid of so much – and clearly, we might all be starving. Ignore that fact as it’s beside my point entirely.

my blog…

miramiandmog is a collection of all things delightful and inspirational from different corners of the world.  Both food and adventure.



My name is Carly Morris. I was blessed to have been born in one of the most beautiful places on earth, New Zealand. Hailing from Auckland, the City of Sails, I am a writer, listener, language lover (verging on the obsessed!), teacher, baker, big sister, mad foodie and absolute travel bug. I am off on my biggest adventure yet... to live in Spain.

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